Identifying Brand Problems and Solutions

Our branding services are tailored to small businesses, ideally where the founder is still part of the company.  If they are not part of the company anymore, we can still help you!  Scroll down to see which type of branding service you are looking for.



We start with your purpose
If you don't know the purpose behind your brand, you miss a major opportunity to stand out from the crowd.


There are a lot of reasons a company may need to rebrand. If you’re company has changed a lot since starting the business, added new services, are having trouble reaching your target audience or having low sales conversions, you may have a branding problem.

Kaye does not do visual brand identity (like your logo creation and style guide), but she can act as your creative branding director to oversee the creation process of your visual brand identity – so that everything aligns with your new brand messaging and purpose.

It depends if you are doing the 1-on-1 or group workshop.  The 1-on-1 may take about 4 weeks (spreading 3-4 meetings out), and the group facilitation may take 6-8 weeks ( for 4-5 meetings).  The implementation process length of time varies, depending on the creative contractors used on the projects and they turn around times.

Absolutely!  If you are seeing lack luster results in your marketing efforts, you are throwing your money away.  Our brand facilitation process will highlight any problem areas in your brand and messaging that we can address and fix.

We believe there is always a story or purpose to be found, but if you insist there is no story behind your brand and purpose, we can still help you create clear messaging that will attract your target audience.

You know your messaging is off if it either feels like you are talking to no one, or you are attracting the wrong types of customer.  Our brand facilitation will help!

Humans have been captivated by story since the beginning of time.  It’s how we express who we are, how we feel and why we do what we do.  To share you story is to be known.  Different types of stories brands should be using include the founders story, the value story, the purpose story, and the customer story!

No, sorry!  If your CEO is not interested in being part of the workshop, we won’t be able to identify all the gaps the business is experiencing or how to solve them.