About Kaye

As a creative director and video producer working for small businesses, Kaye saw recurring shortcomings with the marketing efforts of many of her clients. Once businesses reached out to her to produce the videos they needed, the conversations about messaging, target audience, and story had already passed. Kaye wanted to get on the front end of those conversations to help her clients see what stories or strategies they really needed. 

For over a year, Kaye began diving hard into studying branding for businesses, brand facilitation, and story branding.  The more she learned, the more excited she got, and she enrolled in an indepth 8-week mentorship to learn how to do brand facilitations.

Her favorite books about branding include: Find your Why, Stories that Stick, Your Brand Should Be Gay (Even if you’re not), and Building Your Brand Story.

The mission of Story Told Branding is to bridge the gap of ineffective company messaging and branding to reach an eager targeted audience, through story and thoughtful brand strategies. Every brand has a deeper purpose behind making money, and we are going to help you discover what not only will help your business thrive, but will also create all-star employees and loyal customers.