Branding built on story

Unleash the power of your brand story

How is your business standing out from the crowd?  Is your business drowning in the sea of sameness? Marketing is changing rapidly, and there is no reason you need to waste time and money with ad agencies who just don’t get your brand. With Story Told Branding, Kaye will walk you through an in-depth framework that pinpoints what makes your business different, how your story makes an impact, and connects you with your customers.  At the end of it all, you will receive a robust road map to direct your marketing efforts to help you get the most effective results as possible.

Create clarity in your marketing

Make sure you are targeting the right audience with the right message.

1-on-1 Intensives

Kaye will guide you as the business owner through the brand discovery journey to determine how to best position your company, and guide you to a place of purpose and profits.

C-Suite Intensives

This is a 6 week comprehensive deep dive with your team to discover what is holding your company back. The C-Suite must attend while the marketing director, lead sales rep and customer service rep are encouraged to attend.


Once our brand discovery process is completed, We can step in as your temporary branding/creative director until everything is up and running with cohesive messaging, visuals and goals set in place.

(Your logo & colors are not your brand)

Below is what we guide you through in your brand journey:

Brand Purpose

If you’re like most business owners, you started your business to make money. But is that really what drives you day in and day out? Your customers don’t just buy your product, they buy into your greater mission.

Brand Position

Brand positioning is a crucial part of branding that most businesses overlook. If you don’t create a unique value position for your brand, your customers will choose you only if you are the cheaper option.

Brand Message

What are you communicating as a brand? What are your company values? Do employees know how to say what it is your company does with passion and excitement?

Brand Personality

If your company personality is described as “professional,” (like many companies) we have bad news for you. Your brand is forgettable. Hone in on what makes you different, it’s your super power!

Brand Planning

After we develop your entire brand roadmap, you will have a step-by-step guide on how, what, and when to change your branding to get your brand where it needs to be. We can help with the execution of it all, but that’s up to you!

Your business May need help with BRANDING if you:

• Don’t know how to spend your marketing dollars

• Suspect you are attracting the wrong audience

• Have pivoted or added new services

• Are struggling with hiring and employee retention

• Are looking to create a more human-centered brand

• Want to add purpose and meaning to the company

• Are starting up a new business

• Have trouble communicating what it is you do

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The mission of Story Told Branding is to bridge the gap of ineffective company messaging and to reach an eager targeted audience through story and thoughtful brand strategies. Every brand has a deeper purpose behind making money, and we are going to help you discover what not only will help your business thrive, but will also create all-star employees and loyal customers.

Meet Kaye, your story driven brand strategist

As a creative director and video producer working with small businesses, I saw recurring shortcomings with the marketing efforts of many of my clients. Once businesses reached out to me to produce the videos they needed, the conversations about messaging, target audience, and story had already passed (or the conversation never happened at all). I wanted to get on the front end of those conversations to help my clients see what stories or strategies they could really benefit from.

I began diving hard into studying branding for businesses, brand workshops, and story branding.  The more I learned, the more excited I got, and I enrolled in an in-depth 8-week mentorship to learn how to do brand strategy intensives for business owners and C-suite members.  I now offer brand intensives alongside my video production business Southern Light Cinema, and have found the two go hand in hand to achieve powerful messaging!

– Kaye

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